Student Opportunities

Go beyond the classroom

Our curriculum is top-notch—but a Case Western Reserve education takes you so much further. Nearly all—99 percent!—of our students participate in some kind of experiential learning activity. Whether you’re looking to advance discoveries alongside our world-leading faculty, team up with your peers through our dozens of student organizations, make your mark in industry on co-op or travel the world, you’ll have ample chances to put your engineering fundamentals to work solving real-life problems.

Student Groups

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

chemical engineering students working at heat exchanger
This undergraduate student organization is responsible for being the link between the local and national AIChE chapters for chemical engineers. Events are held throughout the year to connect students, faculty and industry in an attempt to further the career goals of declared chemical engineering majors.

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Start making discoveries: from faculty labs to independent student projects, you’ve come to the right place for cutting-edge research. Grow new human tissues—blood vessels and all—from stem cells. Or integrate clean, renewable energy into the grid by building a cheaper, better, more viable fuel cell. Or refine manufacturing processes to enable ultra-tiny wiring for the world’s fastest microprocessors. And research opportunities aren’t limited to graduate-level experience: about a third of our chemical engineering undergraduate students work with faculty on research projects in the lab and get the opportunity to publish their findings in top scientific journals and present their work all over the country.

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Go global

Our engineers get the know the world—more than twice as many engineering students study abroad during their time at Case Western Reserve compared with the national average. We offer a wide range of global programs, including formal semester abroad arrangements, chances to take core courses across the globe, and even international internships and co-ops. Master thermodynamics in Africa, study sustainability in India and more!

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Rise to the challenge

Keep your eye on the prize and enter your great ideas into a design competition. Case Western Reserve hosts two internal contests each year: the Saint-Gobain Design Competition and the Spartan Challenge. The Great Lakes Energy Institute also supports students interested in entering the Clean Energy Challenge.

And, via CWRU LaunchNET, the university helps students participate in local, regional and national competitions and events.

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Undergraduate Student Employment

Paid research positions and positions assisting course instructors sometimes come available in the department for full-time Case Western Reserve undergraduate students. Interested students should inquire with particular faculty members to find out if a position is available in his or her research group or course.