Student Opportunities

Get Involved

The classroom is just the beginning. Nearly all of our students—practically 99 percent—participate in some form of experiential learning during their time at Case Western Reserve. 

From joining any of our more than 25 dynamic student organizations to making discoveries in research jobs both on and off campus, from summer interns to study abroad, opportunities abound for you to connect with your classmates, mentors and friends on campus and around the world.

Student Groups

Undergraduate Computer & Data Science Student Organizations

Students have the opportunity to make their mark on the industry by getting involved in our student organizations. Our community groups cater to a range of areas in computing and engineering—from the Association for Computing Machinery to CWRU Hacker Society, from Hack CWRU, the organizer of CWRU Hackathon, to CWRUbotix: Robotics Club and many more. 

Case Western Reserve offers inclusive and diverse programs to support, mentor and professionally prepare students within the field. 

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) promotes the awareness and understanding of current computer technology and offers routes of exploration into these subjects in fun and interesting ways. Our Women in Tech program educates woman-identifying leaders in technology, while Girls Who Code encourages girls to pursue computer science and provide a community of coders.

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Start making discoveries: Our students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with our field-leading faculty or on their own independent projects. Create a software program or algorithm to improve the way we analyze, manage and protect large amounts of data in any field.

Develop cool Apps that can immediately reach your future customers or AI driven solutions to decode DNA sequences.

Meet our faculty and learn more about the exciting projects you can be a part of.

Rise to the challenge  

Keep your eye on the prize and enter your great ideas into a design competition. Case Western Reserve hosts two internal contests each year: the Saint-Gobain Design Competition and the Spartan Challenge. The Great Lakes Energy Institute also supports students interested in entering the Clean Energy Challenge.

And, via CWRU LaunchNET, the university helps students participate in local, regional and national competitions and events.

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The Computer and Data Sciences Department (CDS) has two scholarship opportunities available to students.

Choose Ohio First

The Choose Ohio First in Computer Science (CS) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Scholarship Program provides state-funded scholarships (approximately $5000 per year) for students who are pursuing a Computer Science degree (BA, BS, MS, Ph.D.). 


Herbold Scholarship

The Herbold Scholars program, established by Case Western Reserve alumnus Bob Herbold and his family, aims to support outstanding Master students in Computer Science or an alternative program with a research focus in computer science or data science areas. The Scholarship will cover 50-75% of tuition depending on availability of funds and is granted to students who received their BS from Case School of Engineering. The Call for Applications is sent out every Fall semester to undergraduate students in the CDS department.

*Eligibility requirements subject to change. Updated requirements will be distributed with Call for Applications.