PhD in Systems and Control Engineering

Make transformative advances in nonlinear control systems, optimization, signal processing, production/manufacturing/operation systems, energy systems, decision making, and systems biology.

Systems and control engineering students working in a lab

Our PhD degree in systems and control engineering prepares graduates for professional careers in industry, government agencies, national labs, academia or startup companies engaged in activities that will influence the field.

Through our program, you’ll learn to recognize detailed, high-level knowledge of systems and control engineering in conjunction with an understanding of related fields. Plus, you’ll be able to demonstrate the ability to execute independent investigations, suggest new areas for research and communicate scientific information in an effective manner.  

With our multidisciplinary approach to the curriculum, you will advance and deepen your proficiency in the fundamentals of systems and control engineering as well as your chosen subfield.

Pursue independent research, strengthening your ability to synthesize and apply knowledge learned both in the classroom as well as through independent study. We provide an environment of scholarship and professional participation to build your confidence and help you connect and interact with scientists and engineers globally.

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