PiNO Conference

Welcome to the forefront of soft material innovation with the Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio (PiNO). Our conference serves as a dynamic hub for the convergence of industry expertise, academic research, and entrepreneurial spirit, all geared towards propelling the field of polymers into new frontiers. Our collaborative platform brings together industry leaders alongside researchers and innovators, including previous attendees such as Owens Corning, PPG, Sherwin Williams, Saint Gobain, and Covestro.



Discover the pinnacle of polymer technology as over 100 graduates and undergraduate students present and compete for poster prizes with their cutting-edge research. These events, organized by the dedicated graduate students of CWRU, serve as a unique intersection of academia and industry, fostering collaboration.


Here's a glimpse into our vibrant conferences, where knowledge is exchanged, ideas are shared, and connections are made. 

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