BSE in Aerospace Engineering

Develop high-flying technology—from aircraft and spacecraft to satellites and more.

mechanical and aerospace engineering students working outside on rocket

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Major: Mechanical Engineering

It’s not a bad thing to have your head in the clouds. Thanks to limitless dreamers, our society boasts satellite systems that guide our GPS devices, airplanes that transport us safely around the globe, and spacecraft that whisk our technology across the galaxy. If you dream of inventing new systems that propel equipment and people among the clouds and the stars, then consider an aerospace engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University. 

Case School of Engineering’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in aerospace engineering is fully accredited by ABET. Here, you’ll master core concepts like math, science and engineering design that you’ll apply to solve a variety of problems related to machines, propulsion, aerogas dynamics, aircraft, fluids and heat. 

Want to go further? Double major in both aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering with the addition of just three more credits, when you align your technical electives appropriately. Or consider our BS/MS program, which lets you earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years. Plus, we make it easy to explore all your interests across our schools, whether that means planning for your entrepreneurial future with management and finance classes or prepping for your jet-setting ways with a minor in French, Japanese or Russian. Even core requirements like composition classes can be met by interesting seminar topics like transportation in America and the green energy transformation.

Even with your head in the clouds, we want you to be hands-on. In fact, the vast majority of our students participate in some kind of experiential learning activity, from co-ops and studying abroad to research. Interested students can get involved in research beginning their first year on campus, with many students publishing in peer-reviewed journals before they graduate. Join a faculty research lab exploring the principles of combustion in microgravity environments, or use lasers and ultrasound to master the principles of fluid dynamics. Join a student group like the Rocket Team to build aircraft that launch payloads into the stratosphere.

Plus, with our 50,000-square-foot makers paradise Sears think[box], you can bring your own dreams to life with access to all the designing and prototyping equipment you could imagine (from waterjet cutters to welding equipment, 3-D printers, laser cutters and more) as well as all the business and entrepreneurship guidance needed to send your ideas into orbit.

Plus, Cleveland is the place for engineers. Home to engineering Fortune 500 companies like Parker-Hannifin and renowned institutions like NASA Glenn, as well as startups rolling out of the university’s Technology Transfer efforts, opportunities abound for internships, co-ops and employment.

Our students go on to work at places like NASA, Parker-Hannifin, SpaceX and GE Aviation as well as advancing to earn their master’s or PhD.

Learn more about the four-year curriculum:

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