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isolated nerve cuff biomedical implant

Advanced Platform Technology Center

A Department of Veterans Affairs-run Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Research and Development, focusing on the practical medical needs of individuals disabled by sensorimotor dysfunction, cognitive deficits or limb loss. 

Center for Advanced Polymer Processing

Develops new advanced and functional multiphase complex materials and optimizes the performance of existing ones by integrating the most advanced experimental and computational capabilities. 

sedimentation tank project in Cruce de Blanco, the Dominican Republic

Center for Engineering Action

Purpose, Projects, People. Training the next generation of innovative problem solvers to advance the public good. 

3-D rendering of human brain and spinal cord

Cleveland FES Center

Studies and applies neuroprostheses that use functional electrical stimulation to replace damaged neurons.

Engineering Services Fabrication Center

Transform Your Concepts into Reality

The ESFC is a dedicated campus machine shop that offers the design
and fabrication of unique mechanical devices and complete systems
to meet a broad range of research requirements.


Gelfand Global STEMpower Initiative

The Gelfand Global STEMpower Initiative at Case Western Reserve University is a collaboration with STEMpower, an organization that promotes pre-university STEM education in Ethiopia and neighboring countries as a means of fostering peace and economic development in the region. 

Industrial Assessment Center

Case Western Reserve University has received a grant to establish a new U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Assessment Center. 

Rethink Robotics Baxter robot

Integrated Robotics Institute

Using a cross-discipline approach to bring creativity, knowledge and expertise to the creation of robotic systems, with a specific focus on exploration, intelligence, movement, manufacturing and health care


Solar Panel and Sunflower

SDLE Research Center

Studies solar photovoltaic and other outdoor exposed technologies using degradation science, data science and analytics.

exterior of Sears think[box]

Sears think[box]

Sears think[box] is open for active students, staff, and faculty of CWRU, CIA, and LCCC from 12p-7p on weekdays. We continue to offer remote services for our community members and alumni who are unable to visit our facility.

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