MS in Chemical Engineering for Scientists (Accelerated Program)

Our new 11-month master’s degree lets chemistry and physics graduates dramatically expand career options—and increase potential earnings.

Chemical engineering student doing testing in a lab

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Chemical Engineering

Antibiotics. Semiconductors. Safe drinking Water. Chemical engineers played critical roles in each of these breakthroughs.

Their knowledge and skills apply across many industries—from pharmaceuticals and manufacturing to electronics and energy. Even more, their deep understanding of processes often gives them additional opportunities in management, entrepreneurship, even patent law.

When you combine your undergraduate degree in chemistry or physics with this accelerated master’s, you stand out to potential employers as someone who brings expertise in basic sciences and engineering.

We have designed this accelerated program specifically for students with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences—including special courses that cover both fundamental and advanced concepts in chemical engineering practice. We also offer electives covering topical engineering areas, as well as a professional development course that introduces you to the extraordinary breadth of career options.

You finish the program with a team design project completed in the summer session.

If accepted into our program, you will become part of a strong and collaborative department dedicated to preparing you to thrive in any professional environment. Our faculty have been recognized for excellence in teaching and mentoring, as well as innovation in education and research.

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