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Institutes, centers and labs related to Materials Science & Engineering

Solar Panel and Sunflower

SDLE Research Center

Studies solar photovoltaic and other outdoor exposed technologies using degradation science, data science and analytics.

Molten metal in mold

Materials Science Metallography Lab

Department of Materials Science and Engineering "MetLab" with equipment for grinding/polishing, mounting, sectioning, testing, microscopy and more


Mesoscale Science Lab

Creates experimental techniques to develop a physical understanding of processing-structure-property relationships of crystalline and amorphous materials

Microstructure imaging

Frank Ernst Research Group

Researches alloy surface engineering, plated metallization, metal-oxide interfaces and materials for fuel cells, photovoltaics, and nanotechnology

Electro-Ceramics Group

Applies materials technology to real-life applications and develops new materials for extreme environmental conditions. Research at ECG is focused on processing-structure-property relationships in electronic ceramics. There are two thrusts (1) Energy conversion and storage materials and (2) 2D behavior.