Student Opportunities

materials student working in SDLE Research Center

Get involved

The classroom is just the beginning. Nearly all of our students—practically 99 percent—participate in some form of experiential learning during their time at Case Western Reserve. From joining any of our 25 dynamic student organizations to making discoveries in research jobs both on and off campus to studying abroad, opportunities abound for you to connect with your classmates, mentors and friends on campus and around the world.

Student Groups

Undergraduate Materials Society

students working on a materials deformation machine
UMS is an academic organization created to help students of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and those with an interest in materials make the most of their undergraduate experience.
Faculty Advisor: Mark De Guire

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Start making discoveries: either working side-by-side with our field-leading faculty or on your own independent projects. Create the next generation of wind turbine blades or the next life-saving biomedical implant. Invent a new coating for solar panels or help make manufacturing more efficient and sustainable.

Meet our faculty and learn more about the exciting projects you can be a part of.

Rise to the challenge

Keep your eye on the prize and enter your great ideas into a design competition. Case Western Reserve hosts two internal contests each year: the Saint-Gobain Design Competition and the Spartan Challenge. The Great Lakes Energy Institute also supports students interested in entering the Clean Energy Challenge.

And, via CWRU LaunchNET, the university helps students participate in local, regional and national competitions and events.

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