From design competitions to business support, we've got all the resources you need to bring out your inner entrepreneur


Sears think[box]

sears think box

Case Western Reserve's Sears think[box] is 50,000 square feet of idea-nurturing goodness. Our ecosystem of innovation provides everything needed to take a concept from fleeting thought to market-ready product. Prototyping and metal fabrication equipment, space to brainstorm, legal and business support, incubator space and more is available to all students, faculty, staff and community members.
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Whether you've got an idea for a new piece of hardware or software, app, game or social enterprise, CWRU LaunchNET is in the business of helping students and alumni start their own businesses. From assistance in creating a business plan to finding investors to pitch competitions and everything in between, CWRU LaunchNET is a vital resource for budding entrepreneurs. 
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Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship

Students interested in entrepreneurship can utilize the resources provided by the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship. The Veale Institute offers a variety of support—from mentorship, competitions, fellowships and more—to help advance your idea and explore your entrepreneurial interests. Learn more about the institute and their offerings.

IP Venture Clinic

students in law library

Case Western Reserve's IP Venture Clinic helps students as they develop their plans to commercialize their technology, offering critical intellectual property guidance and assistance.
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Case Western Reserve students at booths at CES trade show in Las Vegas

Since 2013, Case Western Reserve has maxed out its space in Eureka Park at CES in Las Vegas—the world's largest consumer electronics show. With the largest academic presence at the show, the university has helped student companies raise hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment funds as a direct result of our presence at CES. Attending the show is a great way for students to validate their idea, and meet with potential investors, partners and customers. The Case Alumni Association also hosts a reception for alumni during the show. For more information, contact CWRU LaunchNET director Bob Sopko at bob.sopko@case.edu or 216.368.1522.

Design Competitions

Baja SAE student team member driving car on a course

Student Group Design Competitions

From building and racing a model airplane or Baja SAE car to setting up an autonomous snow plow, some of our student groups focus on designing entries for competitions.
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CWRU-sponsored Design Competitions and Support

Each year, Case Western Reserve hosts two internal design competitions: the Saint-Gobain Design Competition and the Spartan Challenge. The Great Lakes Energy Institute also supports students interested in entering the Clean Energy Challenge.

And, via CWRU LaunchNET, the university helps students participate in local, regional and national competitions and events.
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