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Catalyzing breakthroughs in energy sustainability that address the most pressing problems facing our world by empowering our faculty, students, and partners.


Founded in 2008, the Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI) is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to catalyzing breakthroughs in energy sustainability that address the most pressing problems facing our world.  Located in Cleveland, Ohio and housed within the Case School of Engineering, we empower our faculty, students and partners to expand knowledge, deepen understanding, and create innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Learn more about our research and platforms.

Research is at the heart of our work at Case Western Reserve University. Our faculty, staff and students are driven to expand knowledge, deepen understanding and contribute to the well-being of society. We consistently rank in the top 20 private research institutions. In 2013-2014, Case Western Reserve received more than $310 million to fund 1,600 projects. 

Creating sustainable energy solutions is unlike any challenge our society has ever faced. The ramifications reach into every aspect of our lives, from international relations and economic development to ecological wellness. 

To meet this challenge, we need innovative approaches to research across a broad range of disciplines. Case Western Reserve and the Great Lakes Energy Institute helps foster a collaborative, translational research model that more rapidly filters innovative ideas and integrates them into the marketplace.



  • Attracting over $70 million in energy funding
  • Delivering 40-50% win rate in energy-related proposals
  • Leading significant ARPA-E and DOE awards
  • Attracting $6 for every $1 spend on operations
  • Driving breakthroughs in:
    • Iron-based flow battery
    • Self-powered building sensor
    • Rare-earth substitute for magnets
    • Plasma-injector for turbines
    • Solar performance insight
    • Energy dashboard for grid
    • Lightweight, reliable capacitor

Contact and Staff Listing

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    Grant Goodrich

    Executive Director

    As GLEI's Executive Director, Grant is responsible for CWRU's engagement strategy with the U.S. Department of Energy and DOE's National Laboratories as well as cultivating additional institutional partnerships. He also leads GLEI's service support to affiliated faculty and runs GLEI's faculty sponsorship program. Additionally, he is responsible for GLEI's research and administrative funding strategy, goals, operations, staff business processes, marketing and strategic communications. Finally, he works closely with the GLEI Advisory Board to shape and advise energy-related research initiatives at CWRU.

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    Rohan Akolkar

    Milton and Tamar Maltz Professor of Energy Innovation
    Chief Scientist (Joint Appointmet), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Director, Electronic Design Center (EDC)

    Develops new electrochemical processes for applications including nano-material fabrication, energy storage, electrometallurgy and sensors

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    Kim Fleddermann

    Business Development & Commercialization Manager

    Advance clean energy technology development through networking with industry.

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    Jonathan Steirer

    Operations Manager

    Supports the SDLE Research Center's mission of critical materials and applied data science research by overseeing center administration, award management, and development, serving as Managing Director for SDLE as well as the Center of Excellence for Materials Data Science for Stockpile Stewardship (MDS^3) and the Center for Materials Data Science for Reliability and Degradation (MDS-Rely). Jonathan also serves as the Program Manager for ThinkEnergy Fellows, the University's premier student energy entrepreneurship program.

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    Lisa Kelly

    Department Assistant

    Supports program, financial and administrative functions of the Great Lakes Energy Institute.

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    Kasandra Nagy

    Program Manager

    Supports energy-related research teams on campus through administrative and program support. Kasandra serves as the Project Manager for the DOE EFRC Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage and Systems (BEES2) and NSF Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Preparedness (PIPP) research teams.

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    Anita Banks

    Proposal Manager

    Assists Case School of Engineering faculty with energy-related research proposals through editing and administrative support.

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    Tariq Shabazz

    Program Manager

    Serves as the Program Manager for SDLE. His responsibilities encompass research award management, routinely conducting outreach spanning from undergraduate to Postdoctoral scholars, overseeing and facilitating the success of the Northstar program within SDLE, and ensuring the implementation of continuous process improvements within the research center. 

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    Rosalind Madorsky

    Supports the SDLE Research Center by coordinating student researcher personnel, managing the core facility, and performing other financial and administrative tasks

Mailing Address:
10900 Euclid Avenue
Olin 305
Cleveland, OH 44106

Parking Address:
2158 Adelbert Road
Veale Parking Garage
Cleveland, OH 44106