Centers and Facilities

Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage Energy Frontier Reseach Center (BEES EFRC)

The BEES EFRC, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), focuses on fundamental understanding of new battery electrolytes with the potential to provide large-scale, long-lasting energy storage solutions for renewable energy and the power grid.

BEES Director:
Dr. Robert Savinell Distinguished University Professor
George S. Dively Professor of Engineering

Case Electrochemical Capacitor Fabrication Facility (CECFF)

The CECFF is a state-of-the-art facility designed to facilitate testing and durability studies of materials within commercial size devices.

Prof. Robert Savinell

Center for Dielectrics and Energy Storage (CDES) 

CDES is dedicated to discover, develop, and translate novel dielectric technologies for storage and capacitor applications.

Prof. Lei Zhu

Control and Energy Systems Center (CESC) 

The Control and Energy Systems Center focuses on bridging the gap between fundamental and applied research in advanced control and systems engineering, with special emphasis in energy innovation, wind energy, power systems, water treatment plants, sustainability, spacecraft, environmental and industrial applications.

Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz

Electrochemical Engineering and Energy Laboratory (EEEL) 

Prof. Robert Savinell

Electronics Design Center 

The Electronics Design Center is a world-renowned research center specializing in the development of microsensors and microsystems.

Prof. Chung-Chiun Liu

Materials for Opto/Electronics Research and Education (MORE) Center 

The MORE center is a model for student-oriented shared facilities, where student and faculty interactions stimulate new research and education.

Dr. Ina Martin

Medical Center Company (MCCo) Campus Microgrid 

The Medical Center Company (MCCo) provides utility services to our members at a competitive market price with superior reliability and service. We carry out our mission safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Wind Energy Research Center (WERC) 

The WERC is a facility with the opportunity to test and demonstrate new technologies in ‘right sized’ wind turbines.

Grant Goodrich

The Richard and Opal Vanderhoof Infrastructure Research and Education Facility 

The Richard and Opal Vanderhoof Infrastructure Research and Education Facility is used for both education and research on the performance of large-scale infrastructure components.

Prof. David Zeng

Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Center 

SDLE Center focuses on the durability and degradation of solar photovoltaic (PV) materials, and other environmentally exposed, long lived technologies.

Prof. Roger French

Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials (SCSAM) 

SCSAM is a multi-user analytical facility providing instrumentation for microstructural characterization of materials as well as surface and near-surface chemical analysis.

Stephanie Piatt

think[box] institute for collaboration and innovation

think[box] provides a space for anyone - especially students, faculty, and alumni - to tinker and creatively invent.

Prof Malcom Cooke

Yeager Center for Electrochemical Sciences

Prof. Daniel A Scherson