Great Lakes Energy Institute ThinkEnergy Fellowship

ThinkEnergy is an innovative, student-centric program focused on experiential learning. The program aims to enhance energy literacy among the next generation of executives, educators, politicians, and technology experts. We believe the skills our students develop through this program will help them become leaders in whatever fields they choose to pursue.

ThinkEnergy connects students with faculty, companies, and investors. Fellows work in teams to design and prototype energy solutions while creating a business plan and aiming to commercialize their technology. Part startup incubator and part research accelerator, ThinkEnergy provides mentorship and project support while facilitating powerful connections with experts in industry, government, and academia through conference travel and weekly Think Tank meetings with innovators and leaders. In addition to this support, Fellows receive assistance in securing internship and employment by the end of the Spring semester. This Fellowship provides students an opportunity to operate outside of their comfort zones, developing competencies that are dissimilar to what they learn in their courses. Past students have built solar installations, launched startups, published policy reports, led research projects, sold clean energy credits, repaired wind turbines, and completed a variety of energy-related internships.

Open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students, this yearlong fellowship provides $2,000 scholarships to undergraduates, $5,000 awards to Masters students, and $10,000 awards to PhD candidates. Junior and Senior undergraduates interested in a nuclear focus can also apply for a $10,000 ThinkNuclear scholarship.

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